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This page lists pubs and bars on Dover Street. Simply click on a listing below for contact details of each pub, and to see visitors reviews.


Dover Street Pub Listings

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The Tram Depot
5 Dover Street


Dover Street Pub Reviews

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Give it a chance (The Tram Depot) by Chinstrap Barman
The Tram Depot has lots of very good staff and SOME bad ones. If you want decent service why don't Y... More >>

The best barmaid in the world (The Tram Depot) by Phil
Yeah the drinks are a bit expensive for a poor student but i agree about the witty barmaid.. Now sh... More >>

You want to read this review... (The Tram Depot) by Victoria
The Tram Depot has a unique selling point, the most gorgeous barman in the world! He is really funky... More >>

Sports screening, large venue, food (The Tram Depot) by Gemma
The Tram Depot is an okay pub, with okay food and okay service. I guess its selling points are the ... More >>

Fit Barmen (The Tram Depot) by claire
I never used to come here but i have found out that there are 2 fit barmen, the tall one is really n... More >>

It's ok (The Tram Depot) by William Frontman
The Tram Depot lost a lot of its character when it was re-furbished in 2000, however the transformat... More >>

Review of The Tram Depot by Gunther Eilts
Heidi, du ist ein krankenhaus. I am auf Deutschland and we think er ist ein dumbkopf.... More >>

Review of The Tram Depot by Heidi
The beers ok,the atmospheres ok, the foods ok.. everything is ok... except for the extra fit barman ... More >>

Review of The Tram Depot by Amy
Joanna - I know what you mean about retail staff etc having to cover their emotions for the sake of ... More >>

The Expressionless Girl (The Tram Depot) by Joanna
I find it refreshing that the girl smiles when she is genuinely happy and not because its expected o... More >>


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