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The Graduate

address:The Graduate
16 Chesterton Road


(01223) 301416
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Reviews of The Graduate (12 in total)

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Jim Boon who used to work at The Graduate by Cat Gallacher
I used to work at the Graduate and I really want to find Jim Boon who used to work there also. He is... More >>

Gr8 pub but the musics a bit loud! by seely
hey..as a frequenter of this pub i'f like to say that its great...and they dont have boiuncers reall... More >>

Fine Student Drinking Den by Jen
Put simply, this place rocks!!! If you are a student you should come here. Its a bit outta the way b... More >>

Outstanding student watering hole by A punter
The Graduate is one of those scream pubs, you get wicked savings on drinks with a yellow card that o... More >>

Review of The Graduate by Regular customer
The Graduate on Chesterton road is very good, good music, a good student crowd! The staff are very f... More >>

One helluva pub! by Mr. T
Dis one darn crazy pub foo! With one helluva good beers and giant children's games. Also some darn... More >>

Review of The Graduate by rob
Much better than when it was the fresher!!!Enjoyed a full day in there to watch the rugby and footba... More >>

Graduate - Review of The Graduate by Amanda
Much better when it was the Fresher - and bar staff more friendly too (well, I was anyway)... More >>

Review of The Graduate by a mystery person
Good pub, glad they fire staff for being really bad barmaids like lizzie.... More >>

graduate - Review of The Graduate by lizzie
i got fired from working at the graduate today. :( :(... More >>

Review of The Graduate by Someone
2 pool tables. crap service... More >>

Review of The Graduate by Someone
2 pool tables.... More >>

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