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The Eagle

address:The Eagle
Benet Street


(01223) 505020
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Reviews of The Eagle (14 in total)

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Great Experience by John Langston
What an atmosphere! To have been where our U.S. Air Corps and RAF pilots and crew experienced some o... More >>

Disappointed with the food by Nina
Food at The Eagle is recommend by Local Secrets but I disagree. Lunchtime food is pre-cooked, so wh... More >>

Greatest service by anonymous
The Eagle is above all else a great pub in Cambridge because of its friendly, welcoming and consider... More >>

GREAT FOOD AND HISTORY by Leslie from Boston
Pasta and fish/chips huge and tasty. Loved the atmosphere and singing after England's world cup rugg... More >>

Atmospheric but too smokey by Trev
Always use this pub before gigs at Corn Exchange. Top bar in need of large smoke extractor, can get ... More >>

I think you are wrong by Ele Brown
I think the reason why The Eagle kicks people out of the small courtyard at 10.30 is because they ha... More >>

Eagle by anonymous
Not a bad pub. Good atmosphere and selection of drinks. But has the slowest moodiest staff I have e... More >>

Review of The Eagle by G
A nice pub and one of the oldest in Cambridge (or so I'm told) Can get a bit crowed in the evenings ... More >>

Review of The Eagle by Andrew Lewis
A good pub with lots of history. Very popular with locals, young and old, tourists, and students. H... More >>

Good lunchtime spot by Theo
A pleasant and traditional pub, lots of space. Good selection of beers and your normal pub grub, nei... More >>

Christmas Coll reg gig - Review of The Eagle by Claire Handscombe
When is the Collegium Regale Christmas gig this year?... More >>

Review of The Eagle by S
A lovely pub, friendly staff, nice courtyard, usually enough space and seats. Had one incidence of b... More >>

Review of The Eagle by Jesper Boehmhaven
A cut above the rest of the city center featureless pubs. Nice quad a good place to be outside in th... More >>

The Eagle T-Shirts by John Fullerton
My girlfriend is a research scientist working with DNA... I am originally from England and am now l... More >>

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