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Baron Of Beef

address:Baron Of Beef
19 Bridge Street


(01223) 505022
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What a Pub! by Jonny
Found what can only be described as by far the best pub in Cambridge. Quiet days to have a great mea... More >>

The BEST in the 70's by DanO
Dined here many times between '71 and '75. THE GREATEST! Baron of Beef is one of the highlights of m... More >>

BARON!!!!!! by Baron
Good day all. I went to this fine establishment and I had a PINT!!! In case you are all wonderin... More >>

I think that says it all really, but the bar staff are gorgeous (tho they're all leaving in sept), f... More >>

Review of Baron Of Beef by john thornton
the memories two pints of soda and a ninny macnoynes... More >>

Review of Baron Of Beef by Tim Bossard
Great daysssssssss, great dayssssssssss !!!!!!!!... More >>

Review of Baron Of Beef by Gail
This pub has an unusual layout - basically the bar stretches down to near the end of the pub, and al... More >>

Review of The Baron of Beef by S
Small, inexpensive pub, with occasional live music. The barstaff are friendly. Nice for a quick drin... More >>

Baron - Review of The Baron of Beef by Jose Luis Luri
I worked for a local co named Beach Villas and spent beautiful eves at the pub. Great memories. That... More >>

The Baron of Beef Rules! by Jason Wong
Enough said.... More >>

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