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Flying Pig

address:Flying Pig
106 Hills Road


(01223) 354623
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Absolutely pignamonous by Mike
This place is great, don't believe everything you read until you've been. great atmosphere, great mu... More >>

Dig the pigs!! by Jessica Ive
I really liked this pub because of all the pig paraphanalia. To me there is something very pleasing ... More >>

Best pub in Cambridge by Alfie Noakes
That's all you need to know. Good staff. Same flat lager as every other pub in the UK, same dodg... More >>

In response by Gail
For John Garrants information I did not know that the opening times were on this website when I went... More >>

gail needs help by john garrant
i think gail needs to ask for her drinks the same time that she is asking when the bar is open then ... More >>

Slow bar staff! by Gail
I was in the Flying Pig again recently and was not terribly impressed with the service - I wanted to... More >>

Review of Flying Pig by Gail
I know what to make of this place - it's great! The staff are friendly and the food is top quality!... More >>

Review of Flying Pig by Apu Eroad
Your really not sure of exactly what to make of this place when you walk in, then it hits you. The o... More >>

Review of Flying Pig by Sturgess & Co.
The Flying Pig is one of the best places to go in Cambridge for a laid-back night out. The staff ar... More >>

Review of Flying Pig by vintz
full of bunty men. went to get a pint and got my arse felt up. by a bloke. sexual harrasment. ... More >>

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