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Champion Of The Thames

address:Champion Of The Thames
68 King Street


(01223) 352043
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Best ale around by Yin
The Champ serves the best pint of real ale in Cambridge and the best conversation. Great publicans a... More >>

the best pub I have ever seen, and I've been to some!!! - Review of The Champion by iys
This place is authentic! The locals go and enjoy their ales, and some students go as well. This is t... More >>

6th Sense - Review of The Champion of the Thames by Chopper
Great Guest Beer, locals appear to communicate at a higher level than mere mortals. Benches of beard... More >>

The Champion is The Place to be - Review of The Champion of the Thames by Mr Mostofi
Certainly better than The Baron of Beef... More >>

Legendary pub - Review of The Champion of the Thames by Mr Dhesi
Small, dingy, perfect.... More >>

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