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The Bun Shop

address:The Bun Shop
1 King Street


(01223) 366866
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Brilliant and Authentic by Lisa C
I was lucky enough to spend a evening in this establishment last nite...22/01/05 with 13 other frien... More >>

Menu card by Andrea Wolff
Dear Sir or Madam, we are a German tourist groupe (about 20 people) and we would like to visit Camb... More >>

A real find by anonymous
I've only recently discovered this place, and think it is wonderful. Great value food, and several ... More >>

Warm and Cosy... by President Shrub
Cool pub, nice for an evening with your mates. The 3 pint jugs go down a treat. Its also good for a ... More >>

Review of The Bun Shop by S
Friendly, lively, and mainly Cambridge-known. Good food and a great place for a few drinks with clos... More >>

great night at the bun shop - Review of The Bun Shop by karen
we descended on the bun shop last tuesday, food was cheap, large portions and fast in coming! drinks... More >>

Number 1! - Review of The Bun Shop by Daniel
great place to eat, drink etc, plenty of variety with wine bar, tapas, and traditional bar. Mind the... More >>

Cracking Nosh - Review of The Bun Shop by Lizzie K
phew stuffed! what a brill meal... More >>

A pub of pubs - Review of The Bun Shop by Mr Lee
So many happy hours.... What ever did happen to Russ and Harry?... More >>

Top pub - Review of The Bun Shop by Mr Dhesi
80% of evenings of my second year as a Christ's undergrad spent here. A fine institution, if a trifl... More >>

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