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The Brewery

address:The Brewery
2-4 King Street


(01223) 505015
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Great Kareoke on a Thursday! by Julie Dedman
The Brewery is one of the best pubs in cambridge, especaiiyl on a thuirsday nite when you get the ch... More >>

Check it out by Banana
The Brewery is a not too bad establishment, with sometimes resonable music, and at least its got a p... More >>

Definately worth a revisit! I love the brewery! The pizzas brillient, the service has improved with ... More >>

Where's my Arms! by Gail
A bit disorganised in my opinion, though the sole member of staff was very friendly and did his best... More >>

Its got Budwiser on Draft by paddy
The brewery is one of two places in cambs that serves bud on draft and it is lush mmmmmm. More pub... More >>

Luke is great! by mjc
The assistant manager, Luke, is always friendly and welcoming and I think he's fab! Give him his ow... More >>

BRING BACK THE ARMS ... WE MISS IT SO!!! by President Shrub
This place has sucked ever scince it stopped being The Cambridge Arms. That place had character and ... More >>

PIZZA by Maddy
The best Pizza I've ever had in my life. Fab place to watch the footie on saturday afternoon ... More >>

Review of The Brewery by Delilah
As three 30 somethings, we went in whilst waiting for cab to arrive. However never again. Very sca... More >>

Review of The Rattle and Hum by Gail
Cheesy music on a Friday or Saturday night. It's such a shame, this used to be the best pub in Cambr... More >>

Underaged? much - Review of The Rattle and Hum by not wish to be named
Although, there are burly men at the door looking like they are doing a job I have been in a couple ... More >>

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