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Spread Eagle

address:Spread Eagle
67 Lensfield Road
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Great new manager! by Charles Gorring
I've been in Cambridge for many years and seen pubs come and as do the managers, not always for the ... More >>

One of the few proper pubs left in town... by Dom
The Spread is one of the few pubs that still feels like a pub - complete with over the top Manager, ... More >>

About The Spread Eagle by Colin McGee
The Spread Eagle is a pleasant pub with a clean upmarket atmosphere. It has a long American style ba... More >>

Review of Spread Eagle by vintz
good if you're 98 years old. may need proof of hip replacement to get in... More >>

Review of The Spread Eagle by John Lusk
Dave, you better read this. I'm just trying to keep up with you people and it's been nigh unto impo... More >>

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