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The Pickerel

address:The Pickerel
30 Magdalene Street


(01223) 355068
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Review from Holland by Marieke
We visited the Pickerel as we where in Cambridge for a holiday. We wanted to visit as much pubs as p... More >>

I have only one reservation about The Pickeral... by Pickle
and that's the toilets. If you can get over those (or simply keep your legs crossed) then you're in... More >>

Review from Holland by Marieke van Seggelen
We came from Holland to visit Cambridge, and our goal was to visit as much pubs as posible. But when... More >>

Best Pub in Cambridge by LJ
I think so anyway. Great choice of beer and other drinks, serves good food (the bacon sarnies are a... More >>

Spot on... by T
I really liked this place, friendly, busy pub with a young local feel. Good ouside seating, alway... More >>

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