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Burleigh Arms

address:Burleigh Arms
9-11 Newmarket Road


(01223) 301547
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Chefs away by Iregulars!
Don't get too complacent dear Burleigh. either the usual bloke who cooks is away or you'r slipping a... More >>

SUNDAY lunch by Ursh and Ted
We had our first Sunday Lunch at the Burleigh today. Managed to get a seat, which must b a rare occ... More >>

Don't you dare!!!!! by Edna and Ben
Please don't order the fish dish (on the board just in case there is no more left for me, I just enj... More >>

Wowee by lucy , and george
What food! what prices! great pub. WE DONT REALLY WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO KNOW HOW GOOD IT IS BECAUSE I... More >>

in November by local guy
This great pubs food went off the boil a bit in November, we think the normal staff were away, now i... More >>

Try it to believe it. by Kens Gang
Best pub around for miles. Try the steaks and be pleasantly surprised at the prices. Burleigh Arms i... More >>

fab.fab.food by Winnie
Can't be faulted, food great, very reasonable, , quickly arrives at your table,(look on the blackboa... More >>

How? by Tracey
The food is good, (they add the little extra touches by supplying decent ketchup etc.) Prices too go... More >>

An American Student in Cambridge by John Conard
I was well pleased at the "value" and selection of the food. It was better than most American "fast ... More >>

good value. by dawson family
we had my parents wendding aniverary party at the burleigh. the buffet was excellent and plenty of ... More >>

We are all just friendly! by F squared
I don't know what the debate is all about. This is my favourite pub. I live right next door. Sure,... More >>

burleigh arms - Review of The Burleigh Arms by joan and mark
love this pub. staff are great and so is the food.good value for money. ... More >>

burleigh arme - Review of The Burleigh Arms by david and joanne
this is one of the best pubs in cambridge. the staff are great and helpful. the food is great value ... More >>

Just great... - Review of The Burleigh Arms by P.
They know what they're doing, and they care about doing it well. Food and drink are great, and the p... More >>

What can you say.... - Review of The Burleigh Arms by A.J.
What can you say about the Burleigh Arms.... only that this pub is the best I have found yet. Wether... More >>

Great Food - Review of The Burleigh Arms by Scott
Haven't been shopping in weeks for food. Why bother when the meals are so great at this pub. Sunda... More >>

Not Gay - Review of The Burleigh Arms by Jerermy
Sorry to disappoint readers, but the Burleigh Arms is no longer a gay pub. It's under new managemen... More >>

Gay??? - Review of The Burleigh Arms by phil
This pub hasnt been gay for ages. Get your act together!... More >>

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