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Rose & Crown

address:Rose & Crown
110 Newmarket Road
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I,m bisexual african woman by Kim
I ve been looking for a partner and it seems to hard find someone in CAMBRIDGE specialy if you are... More >>

Keep walking. by Anon, Cambridge
Should you come upon this place, keep walking. It's quite a dump to put it mildly. Perhaps the d... More >>

You'll like this local by Lord Swiller
I use this pub most of the time. The barstaff are friendly, Bill the landlord (who also runs the Squ... More >>

Nice traditional pub by anon
Dont listen to those other views! The Rose & Crown is a small, friendly traditional old pub where lo... More >>

Should be renamed "The Closing Down" by Once-only Interloper
You may be asked to change the barrels yourself if you want a pint. You WILL hear the phrase "You kn... More >>

Scumcity? by James
I think I have never been so scared walking into a pub as I did the night we first walked in there (... More >>

pubs of the past - Review of The Rose and Crown by brian
I am sure there was a pub called The Rose in Rose Crescent in the 1960s. Can anyone verify this for... More >>

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