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Ha Ha

address:Ha Ha
Trinity Street


(01223) 305089
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Reviews of Ha Ha (8 in total)

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The Blue Boar Name Ellen!!! by Nader Khalifa
Ellen, just to correct your comment about the Blue Boar name... It may have been a hotel but an Inn ... More >>

Great place by Skizz
We have been here twice now and think it is fantastic. The staff have all been very friendly and hel... More >>

Ha Ha very funny by The Bride
Where to start? Attractive clients and even more attractive bar staff. Ha Ha has a cult following ... More >>

Bar Ha Ha.. Bar Humbug by Gatecrasher
Just popped in for a drink with a friend. No draught beer so we had spirts - vodka & orange and a b... More >>

Great Bar Ha Ha experience by Ellen
Have had 2 really nice evenings at the Cambridge Bar Ha Ha. The food is fab and the service was fri... More >>

Review of Ha Ha by anonymous
Found precious little to laugh about in this place.... More >>

Review of The Ha Ha Bar by S
Used to be known and loved as the Blue Boar, now taken over by the Ha Ha chain. The individuality ha... More >>

Review of The Ha Ha Bar by Imran Radge
Popped in just for a change and wished we hadn't. Waited about three quarters of an hour trying to b... More >>

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