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The Cow

address:The Cow
Corn Exchange Street


01223 308871
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Great mix!! by sam
The cow is great for just about anything, i was there new years eve 2003, and the bar upstairs had a... More >>

Perfect pizza by LJ
The Cow is THE place to go in Cambridge for delicious and authentic stone-baked pizzas. They are 2 ... More >>

The Cow - Pizza by Dave
Every Tuesday, the Cow kicks out two for one of the best pizza you'll ever taste (Duck is best) - th... More >>

Review of The Cow by Gail
Confusing, as I'd heard it was now the BRB (whatever that is!), then heard it was just the Cow, but ... More >>

Review of The Cow by Jack Cack
Great central location, good upstairs bar and nice pizza. Shame about the downstairs bit though, as... More >>

Review of The Cow by Joe
The cow is a quality establishment with delicious stone baked pizzas, and a lively basrment bar with... More >>

Review of The Cow by vintz
i got shagged by a bloke in the toilets here. so quite enjoyable... More >>

Review of The Cow by G
Excellent pub. great atmosphere, friendly bar staff and wonderful food (stone baked pizza). There is... More >>

Review of The Cow by vintz
Eh yo. The cow is one of my favourite hangouts in town, with good, cheap pizzas and good, expensive ... More >>

Review of The Cow by S
A lovely, lively bar. Quite expensive and understaffed, but live DJing provides plenty of atmosphere... More >>

Where - Review of The Red Cow by Jason
Click on the map above, you fool.... More >>

Where is it? - Review of The Red Cow by James
Where is the red cow?... More >>

Where - Review of The Red Cow by Nathan
People go on about the Red Cow, but where is it?... More >>

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