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Golden Hind

address:Golden Hind
355 Milton Road
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Great Disco at the Golden Hind by Diana
I went to the Golden Hind on Friday 13th Feb. they have a new free monthly disco "Sound Investment"... More >>

Not That Bad! by Science Park Worker
I too have recently visited this pub. Some mates and i dropped in for a drink and food, a couple of ... More >>

The new golden hind by kim
I recently went to the golden hind in cambridge i went on a saturday morning. The services were extr... More >>

The golden hind has new managers by katy
the golden hind does have a new manager! hes been there for three months now and with a new menu, st... More >>

Needs a new owner by JellyBean
This pub has enourmous potential. It is a stones throw from the Science Park and could make a killi... More >>

Refused food at lunch time by rude staff by Skizz
Well I wrote last time that the Golden Hind was an ok pub but now I am forced to write them a bad re... More >>

Good food and drink for cheap prices by skizz
It's true that the Golden Hind is not the classiest of pubs, but it offers decent food and drink for... More >>

Golden Hind by Not a fan
I'm afraid I agree with the first gentleman. The Golden Hind is best avoided if you want a decent dr... More >>

NOT a Victorian building etc.. by Regular
There are a number of errors with the previous review (excluding grammar and spelling), it was actua... More >>

Victorian period building Vs. unsophisticated rif-raf by Oleg McNoleg
The only decent looking pub in the area, which entices one to enter... don't bother unless you're de... More >>

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