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Henrys Cafe Bar

address:Henrys Cafe Bar


(01223) 324649
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Nice location but dreadful service by A family
We went to Henry's for a Sunday morning breakfast today - great venue and nice location but the serv... More >>

Who needs Venice? Aug04 by Caoimhe
I recently visited Henry's with a good friend. The restaurant menu is pretty varied and there is ce... More >>

Liked it by Rab
Visited cambridge last week and popped into henrys it was extremely busy but still got great service... More >>

What can I say? Henry's is heaven on God's green earth! by Perry estelle
Henry's has much more to offer than a quayside bar in my view. It's has magical quality that lifts y... More >>

Great staff and a great atmosphere by John Stevens
Henrys has the picture perfect setting, right on the bank of the River Cam, what better way to waste... More >>

AAA by anonymous
Friendly staff, great food, wonderful cocktails all at a perfect quayside location. Has improved imm... More >>

i agree with chreim!!! by richard
Yeah baby! i know her damn you! anyway, henrys is cool. not that bad for a pint or scotch but cockta... More >>


Hot Sun Cool Cocktails ! by Paul & Margot
What a great place to chill out and watch the world go by especially on the patio by the river sippi... More >>

Review of Henrys Cafe Bar by Brian M
I love it here, the waiters are hunky and the atmos is positively throbbing!! Thoroughly recommend ... More >>

Review of Henrys Cafe Bar by Disgruntled
Service is absolutely terrible. The bar staff seem to be more interested in showing off how they ca... More >>

So Slooooowwwww..... by Yoshi
When it's not even remotely busy, expect to wait 10mins for a drink. When it is busy expect anything... More >>

Review of Henrys Cafe Bar by ctina
none of us are perfect-done quite well, lower the prices and that would be an improvement!... More >>

Review of Henrys Cafe Bar by G
I quite like this bar, it's got a bit of atmoshphere and for once the bar staff know how to mix cock... More >>

well i liked it! - Review of Henrys Bar by Robert
easy enough to knock a place, but i thought henry's was great. bartender really knew his stuff, and ... More >>

Double money! - Review of Henrys Bar by Liz Turner
2 months after dining at the restaurant and paying the bill by switch card i have still not recieved... More >>

Review of Henrys Cafe Bar by Tony
Came down for a birthday party with my mates and had a great night good food, Great attmosphere and ... More >>

Avoid! - Review of Henrys Bar by Sam
Four Years ago I would have recommended this bar, and went there frequently, enjoying it cameleon pr... More >>

Henry's - Review of Henrys Bar by S
A "trendy" bar that doesn't live up to its label. The service is slow, but the space is good for gro... More >>

Credit Card - Review of Henrys Bar by msg
Badly trained staff who don't know how to operate credit card equipment, BEST USING CASH... More >>

Bad - Review of Henrys Bar by Anne
The waitresses all had PMT. The food took ages to arrive - minus one dish we had to re-order. Tables... More >>

duno - Review of Henrys Bar by alex
travelled from manchester to be told you have to be 21 to get in by the southern wus on the door... More >>

Ug - Review of Henrys Bar by Peter Spinach
Not even a pub at all. Similar to going for a pint in the kitchens section at Ikea.... More >>

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