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The Anchor

address:The Anchor
Silver Street


01223 353554
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Same problem drunks by Anoymous
I know exatley what ur on about ive been a doorman for about 7 years worked all over the county, iv... More >>

Rottweilers remain by Scott
The Anchor is one of the few pubs in cambridge with a riverside frontage and is a great location for... More >>

I Am The Doorman... by Nader Khalifa
Just found these reviews. I seem to recall the gentleman in question. Rude idiot who kicked up when ... More >>

..."If you don't like it, bugger off else where..." by NealG
"If you don't like it, bugger off else where" Emily, thats great Customer service ! An attitude ... More >>

I work there...! by emily
Hey... I work at The Anchor (until this weekend) and I have to say it isn't as bad as some of you gu... More >>

Weigh Anchor and duck in for a little Rum, Sodomy and the Lash by Roland Columbus
The Anchor, Cambridge is one of the many wonders of this vibrant university town. Gone are the drugg... More >>

never go to this pub by anon
The staff in the anchor are the rudest in Cambridge, becoming pathologically unpleasant at closing t... More >>

Review of The Anchor by anon
Although the atmosphere in this pub is still pretty good most of the time,and i do continue to drink... More >>

never again by DMJ
Having previously spent many enjoyable evenings in the Anchor over the past 6 years I was disgusted ... More >>

Chucking out. - Review of The Anchor by PJB
The staff in this pub are some of the rudest I have ever come across at throwing out time. As 'Drink... More >>

DO NOT VISIT THIS PUB - Review of The Anchor by Drinker
THe Anchor is a disgrace. Expensive badly kept Whitbread rubbish. The staff are like drugged Rottwei... More >>

Blastaway! - Review of The Anchor by Gail
They serve 'Blastaway'- a bottle of cider mixed with a bottle castaway (wine and orange juice)! It w... More >>

Review of The Anchor by S
This is a lively pub with friendly staff and a relaxed student atmosphere. It's great to sit outside... More >>

Hoegaarden ... my drug of choice. - Review of The Anchor by Bob
Quite so Rob, never been to the pub I'm, afraid but Hoegaarden is a wonder of the beverage world. Wh... More >>

Hoegaarden Rulez. - Review of The Anchor by Rob
The Anchor is a damn fine pub in the Summer. They serve my favourite beer of all time Hoegaarden alb... More >>

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