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The Grapes

address:The Grapes
19 Histon Road
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At last, a REAL pub!!! by Chris
Very enjoyable indeed, laid back atmosphere with superb food and the landlord keeps a fine cellar. ... More >>

The Landlords Memory Loss by steffen
If you care to remember the incident more carefully you would recall that a passing pedestrian helpe... More >>

Re: Disgrace!! by Doug Robb
I'm the landlord of "The Grapes" and remember the incident described by Steffen clearly! I also r... More >>

Disgrace !!! by steffen
My car broke down outside this pub and the landlord refused to allow me to push my car into his car... More >>

We like!!! by T
Quality pub, good mix of students,office workers, townies, tourists and locals. The food is spot ... More >>

Review of The Grapes by John
The Grapes meets many needs, from the extremely pleasant and well kept beer garden to the warmth and... More >>

Review of The Grapes by Louis
This place serves the best pub food I've ever come across! The portions are HUGE, the meals are well... More >>

The Grapes, best pub in Cambridge!! by Rob
This pub is one of the few places in Cambridge where you'll find students, couples, regulars, indie ... More >>

Review of The Grapes by sam
landlord is not the full ticket stay away at all costs... More >>

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