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The Castle

address:The Castle
38 Castle Street


(01223) 508559
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Reviews of The Castle (12 in total)

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A pleasant drinking experience by Chris H
It's not that often I get to go out drinking, these days, but when I do, it's usually at the Castle.... More >>

Excellent food and a garden by Tamzin
The Castle is a large pub, with many nooks and crannies throughout, as well as a large garden area, ... More >>

great pub, great staff by nick standard
the castle is the best pub in cambridge excellent food and superb ales. as for the staff they're gr... More >>

Nice Pub by Happy Punter
I agree this is a nice pub with good service. The staff are pleasant (if not the most cheerful) and... More >>

Good food! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm by Bob
The food is very reasonably priced and as long as you're not expexting to get it in two minates flat... More >>

Overcharged - Review of The Castle Inn by James Hoggatt
Well I went there for a birthday drink with a friend this lunchtime. We normally meet there at leas... More >>

Mmmmmmmm - Review of The Castle Inn by Matt.
Food V V Good. Especially the castle burgers. PD obviously has far too much time on his hands to wri... More >>

Worked there too! - Review of The Castle Inn by Juliet
Great place to work - staff and bosses were both wonderful! Not so sure about the lack of smiles the... More >>

The Staff need to smile - Review of The Castle Inn by Pat
We had some really tasty food,( the kleftico was excellent)and a super range of real ales but the st... More >>

The Castle (review) - and the food is good! - Review of The Castle Inn by PD
It's hard not to fall in love with the Castle Inn. Masses of space, with hidden rooms and tables (su... More >>

worked there - Review of The Castle Inn by CÚdric
I love the place, people are really nice (both in front and behind the bar !). Food's usually reall... More >>

Beer & Cold Food - Review of The Castle Inn by Pub Visitor
Beer excellent but.... Food turned up stone cold, 45 minutes after ordering even though a relativel... More >>

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