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All Bar One

address:All Bar One
36 St Andrews Street


(01223) 371081
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No entry without ID for a 30 year old by Andre
Well.. The all bar one was half empty as I decided to go inside and meet some friends. I was dressed... More >>

I go to all bar one to avoid dogs... by Anonymous
My friends and I always go to All Bar One for lunch, and have a nice bottle of merlot etc. I find it... More >>

Which All Bar One's have you lot visited??!! by ABO Manager
I work as a manger for All Bar One. The reason we don't allow dogs is because they smell and they're... More >>

Toy Dogs disallowed!!!!!! by Florence
My husband and I were looking forward to having a quick drink and as many restaurants with al fresco... More >>

Garlic bread without the garlic by Angela Minton
Went to Canary Wharf branch on Sunday. Ordered (after a long wait) chips and garlic bread with drink... More >>

Large selection of wines and cheap food by Sally
I know All-Bar-Ones are chain bars and pre-prepare their food, but I like the place. I can get a go... More >>

Attrocious Service by Pete
Myself and three friends ate there yesterday. Well lets be correct, three friends ate while I watch... More >>

Just don't try to eat there by Vicky
I attempted to eat on a Saturday afternoon at around 4pm. Despite the fact that they were relatively... More >>

Well my friend Fiona likes it. by Chuch
She says that it is fun, lively and caters for large groups and that the food is very good. The o... More >>

Wot NO DOGS!!! by Andrea Harborth
I sat at one of the tables outside with my dog, a little terrier and just as I was about to order a ... More >>

Review of All Bar One by Petre
It looks nice and clean. It's spacious. It has a good location. But All Bar One has no atmosphere wh... More >>

great pub - Review of All Bar One by mary
great pub!... More >>

To Gail - Review of All Bar One by MJC
Did you know that there is a loo on the ground floor for those with mobility difficulties? I wonder... More >>

Hmnn....! - Review of All Bar One by Gail
This bar has always seemed quite nice, but since a relative of mine got food poisoning once after ea... More >>

Review of All Bar One by S
Nice, light atmosphere. Quite pretentious, but friendly and attractive barstaff. Loud, but lively. P... More >>

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