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The Regal

address:The Regal
38-39 St Andrews Street
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The Regal by Pete
A brilliant Wetherspoons pub as usual. Fast service and great value. Sarah the manager is brilliant!... More >>


Spectacularly poor by Anonymous
The Regal is for you if you like: - Microwave curries Warm beer Warm glasses Dirty glasses Po... More >>

spectacular by MAIRNY WATSON
Part of the massive Wetherspoons chain, the Regal on Regent Street has a reputation for being the la... More >>

Brilliant by mairny
I think that the regal is the best pub ever! I drink lots and lots. sometimes i get drunk. I have b... More >>

Put the tunes in! by Nigel
I have spent most of my weekends over the last 6 years in the regal. However i have always made it a... More >>

Great Pub by Luke Morley
The regal is wicked!! good atmosphere and cheap booze!! cant wait for it to open in March again. The... More >>

Pure Rubbish by Ash
No music, wait years to get cheap out of date lager that gives u the sh*ts the next day, full of kid... More >>

Old bouncer leaving by Andrew Gothard
Just want to say that the old bouncer was a disgrace to the regals reputation. He just stood there n... More >>

Fantastic bouncers by anonymous
i think the regal is a great pub to go to but the bouncers are a disgrace to the community. We are 1... More >>

the regal by kenno
ive been drinking in the regal since it opened, i think its a really good place , i havent got a cl... More >>

Perfect for the kids by JellyBean
My biggest problem with the Cambridge nightlife is all the kids.. too many!! They cant handle their... More >>

Clean up your act by dan
The Regal has become a disappointment, the fact that they do not have security on a bank holiday wee... More >>

Why is it so cheap? by mjc
I always think that you get what you pay for. If you don't mind ****e service, ****e food, ****e dr... More >>

WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE......??? by President Shrub
This is a fine place for an extended lunchtime beer or two. The fact that there's no music means you... More >>

Well.. by sarah
At least it's impersonal enough to have a row without everyone staring... And you can get depress... More >>

Waste of a big space!! by T
This place feels like your on a ferry or something, bright lighting, no atmosphere, typical weathers... More >>

what? by Dan
The beer is cheap. not just a little bit less than other places, but staggeringly so, there's no dea... More >>

Review of The Regal by Maria
well can i just say how rude the staff are at the regal in particular a few of the managers, you wal... More >>

Review of The Regal by yoshi
I once had to wait 40mins to get a drink - outrageous! there is also an air of hostility hanging aro... More >>

Review of The Regal by vintz
well maybe the loser townies are 15 and cant handle their drink, but you cant spell the word 'their'... More >>

Review of The Regal by m
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN EVERYONE STOP GOING TO THIS PUB. back in the day it was a laugh but now its... More >>

Review of The Regal by G
Don't go to this pub on a friday or saturday evening if you want to get served. Sure it's cheap, but... More >>

Review of The Regal by billy
the regal is a great pub in cambridge. its large and very cheep 4 drinks. i agree its a shame the do... More >>

Bunder - Review of The Regal by Weez
I bundered off the side of the balcony and in the sink hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... More >>

Doorstaff - Review of The Regal by S
A nice venue only let down by the arrogant doorstaff who have no manners and can be very insolent.... More >>

part time bar work - Review of The Regal by Nick Rowe
Dear Sir/madam, From September 24th I will be studying at APU for 1 yr. Subsequently I will be loo... More >>

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