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The Kingston Arms

address:The Kingston Arms
33 Kingston Street


01223 319414
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Reviews of The Kingston Arms (8 in total)

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Fantastic Beer - pity about the table bookings.. by Andy
Donít go to drink on a Friday and Saturday night as it practically turns into a restaurant - the tab... More >>

The computers are great!! by Regular
The pub has 2 computers, and they are hardly 'in your face'! They are on shelves well above head hei... More >>

Perfect Balance by Alistair
Perfect. I had a wonderful pint of summer lightning, whilst a couple of gentlemen played an accordia... More >>

Kingston arms in danger? by anonymous
I fear for my favourite pub (Kingston arms) - why these new computers to surf the web? Takes valuabl... More >>

Excellent veggie food by anonymous
Hard to choose between the veggie options, goats cheese tarts, mushroom rissoles or ratatouie tortil... More >>

Review of The Kingston Arms by Gail
Very impressed with the quality of the food, though admittedly the portions could be a bit bigger.... More >>

A hidden treasure - Review of The Kingston Arms by Kat Dowling
The Kingston Arms is no ordinary pub. It combines gastronomic delights more akin to gastro-pubs suc... More >>

The Kingston Arms - Review of The Kingston Arms by Shelley Mansfield
A really superb, 'grown up' pub with excellent food and beers that even appealed to me,a non-beer dr... More >>

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