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The Free Press

address:The Free Press
Prospect Row


01223 368337
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From Venezuela by Michael Hartliep
I love this pub.It's small and perfect for chatting over a couple of pints. The fire makes it lovely... More >>

They refused to iron my trousers by Bertram Bramblepants
A free trouser press? What a great idea! But no, they only sell food and drinks. It turned ou... More >>

Tickle-tastic beer! by Laura Jackson
I went to the Free Press and had lots of beer. it was tickle-tastic and the best beer by far i've ev... More >>

Great food and smoke-free by Tara
The Free Press is a cosy little pub, with friendly service, games and newspapers to amuse, cheap and... More >>

My Favourite Pub by Clare
I live around the corner from this pub and I love it. It's small and cosy, perfect for chatting over... More >>

An excellent non-smokers pub! by Peter Edmond
I'd virtually given up on pubs as I wear contact lenses and hated being in smokey environments. The ... More >>

Kids taught no manners obviously!!! by craig bickley
I am the manager of the Free Press and I can only say that Liz obviously did not teach her kids any ... More >>

What an excellent pub by Isobel Knight
I think that the this pub is excellent. It is no-smoking so you can stay out without stinking of ci... More >>

Review of The Free Press by Liz
What a shame. This used to be such a good place for a family meal on a Sunday. The service has been ... More >>

Review of The Free Press by Andrew Lewis
I have only visited The Free Press twice. A "nice quaint pub". No smoking throughout. The food is ... More >>

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