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The Elm Tree

address:The Elm Tree
42 Orchard Street


01223 363005
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Homely pub with jazz music by Simone
The Elm Tree is a warm, homely kind of pub - the decor looks like your (great) grannie's front room.... More >>

most relaxing pub in cambridge by miles the cat
this is with out a doubt the most relaxing pub in cambridge.freindly landlord,good ales,regular good... More >>

Nice pub. Landlord's ok! Beer is good. Jazz is great. by Richard McGuire
This is a quiet pub in the daytime and busy when the music is on. I find John the landlord a serious... More >>

Review of The Elm Tree by Libby
I've been going to the Elm for years - it's one of very few pubs in Cambridge where I can truly rela... More >>

Entertainment - Review of The Elm Tree by Paul Stubbs
I`ve found that this is the best jazz venue in Cambridge ... especially on a Monday night... More >>

Elm Tree - Review of The Elm Tree by Jon boston
Likeable (if quiet) pub with large selection of games. Has live jazz 3 nights a week - a great place... More >>

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