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The Waterside

address:The Waterside
Thompsons Lane


01223 311701
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Total Disappointment by Anon
The setting is lovely, the establishment is clean, however on each occassion i have visited The Wate... More >>

Okay for drinking but don't waste your money on the food! by Tara
The food is overpriced and not well cooked; my vegetables were hard, I asked for mash and got greasy... More >>

Sad but true by Fred Zimmerman
The place has gone down hill since the two Chrises left. It used to be a top restaurant and a top ... More >>

Classy but unpretentious night out by Martin
I took my girlfriend out for an evening meal at 'The Waterside' recently, and I must say we were bot... More >>

Not the place to visit. by Ann & Mike
My wife and I are regular visitors to Cambridge. Retired and living only 20 miles away on the Bedfor... More >>

waterside woo!! by T
Fully refurbished.... replaced the warm pub feel with the everincreasing contempory sort of look, st... More >>

Review of The Waterside by Sharon
I have eaten at The Waterside, and it is wonderful! I adore the interior and all the staff were very... More >>

Review of The Waterside by M Henry
They've spent a few bob on the interior, but unfortuantely not on the chef. I've eaten four or five ... More >>

The Good,the Bad and the Ugly ? by Alfie B
THE GOOD is the location and the premises.The owners have obviously put a lot of money into making T... More >>

Review of The Waterside by Anonymous
My favourite place in Cambridge without a doubt! Perfect for 30-40 somethings indulging in a romant... More >>

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