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The Rat and Parrot

address:The Rat and Parrot
Downing Street


01223 304357
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Reviews of The Rat and Parrot (14 in total)

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The Rat and Parrot by anonymous
Just right for those people who equally like both clubbing and pubbing. Many of my friends dislike t... More >>

Over-rated by Speng
I think that just sums it up. I'm still laughing at the guy who wrote "the Fosters is of great quali... More >>

Are you all crazy? Or have yo not actually been there? by The Bride
The Rat and Parrot on Downing Street is not only dingy, smelly, over priced and has beer that tastes... More >>

Who needs a bloke? by Sam
Who needs a bloke when rat and parrot do the most delicious 'Screaming Orgasms'? I went here with my... More >>

Rat and Parrot - Reassuringly expensive by ABC
So, this place loud music. Good. It's mulitdeckered (and you can even rent out the top floors). Good... More >>

Hot by Matt Dann
This is one of the hottest pubs in Cambridge. Although lager is fairly expensive, the Fosters is of ... More >>

great pub, briliant music, by tm
This is a great pub, the music is good, and the staff are always friendly, on certain days you get g... More >>

Not bad place. Plays music which is great, by anon
Great place to go out with your friends, i'd say better than the regal, as theres music, although it... More >>

Review of The Rat and Parrot by G
Not a bad pub, but can get quite crowded at the weekends. Also the beer isn't the cheapest either. N... More >>

glum chrome - Review of The Rat and Parrot 2 by sam menu
Another tedious clinical pit. It's loud and full of flashing lights, a good place to go if you don't... More >>

great pub - Review of The Rat and Parrot 2 by eric meridedith
im sick of reading about boring real ale drinkers who criticise any pub without ale. its probably be... More >>

Rat and Parrot - Review of The Rat and ParrotB by S
Large and lively, but gets overly crowded. Much better kept for weeknights if with more than one fri... More >>

Rat and Parrat - Review of The Rat and ParrotB by Sarah Jackson
This is a good pub, especially at weekends but the drinks are expensive and they never have any offe... More >>

Much better down by my river - Review of The Rat and ParrotB by John Clemments
I am a big fan of the original Rat as i feel it has great staff and an almost endless atmosphere. An... More >>

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