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The Salisbury Arms

address:The Salisbury Arms
76 Tenison Road


01223 576363
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Missed opportunity by Will
This pub should be one of the best in Cambridge. Good beers, atmosphere and music. Landlady is nic... More >>

management changes by Susie
The management seems to have shifted to a young bespectled harry potter type who's idea of customer... More >>

Jam And Badgers by Parkside
As regulars to the pub,its our favourtie choice and always worth coming home to.. The bar people ar... More >>

Eye catching staff by L.B.
Best in Britain! Its got everything a good pub should have, they wont add the pole dancers I keep as... More >>

Dress up for dinner! by Gail
Sunday lunch is very nice, except for the fact that the yorkshire puddings are a little over-cooked.... More >>

Review of The Salisbury Arms by C.C.
My old local pub, when I was living in Cambridge around 2000/2001. Great little place, quiet, very c... More >>

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