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The Old Spring

address:The Old Spring
Ferry Path


01223 357228
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Met my wife here by mick blunt
1991 I,m a contractor at Marshalls (just left the navy) yorkshireman looking for a nice local. Finds... More >>

The place to be for sunday lunch by Rick
The Old Spring sunday roasts are excellent and not expensive. All perfeclty prepared and lots of it.... More >>

We like the old spring ! by Becs
I agree with sarah, I am that friend that dines with her on a friday lunch time and we love the old ... More >>

A spring in my step by Sarah
I go to the Old Spring for lunch with a friend every friday lunchtime, the atmosphere is great as no... More >>

First Pint of Bitters, I Fell in Love! by Grace Cowell
I travelled to Britain from Canada in August 1998, while in Cambridge, for the first time in my life... More >>

Review of The Old Spring by Martin
Quite a large pub just off Chesterton Road. The pub has a non-smoking section, and an outdoor seatin... More >>

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