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The Rope and Twine

address:The Rope and Twine
Pound Hill


01223 353791
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Reviews of The Rope and Twine (6 in total)

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Has great promise by Handlebar Frank
Potentially a great pub with a superb landlord at present - needs a major refurb, but good food, bee... More >>

Great beer by Syd
The Rope and Twine has come under new management and much is hoped for the future. There is a good ... More >>

Rope and twine by David
Can any one post a comment on the rope and twine (formerly town and gown). It is no longer a gay pub... More >>

Review of The Town and Gown by Charlie
Looks much better since they painted it up.The bar man is gorgeous.And everyone has a fanatastic lau... More >>

Needs not new mgmnt - Review of The Town and Gown by Riccy
New Club night on Fridays starting Friday 30th August 2002!!!! C U There Luv Riccy...... More >>

Needs New Management - Review of The Town and Gown by Mike
This pub is in dire need of proper refurbishment and actually give something back to the gay communi... More >>

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