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The Hogs Head

address:The Hogs Head
69-73 Regent Street


01223 323405
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Cheap but nice by Richard
If you want to sit in a decent pub with a good atmosphere but don't fancy forking out around 2.50 f... More >>

Review of The Dogs Breath by anonymous
Had potential but is now strictly for Regal overspill and has the same target customer base with its... More >>

Review of The Hogs Head by mike
quality prices for a pint dont fluctuate much more or less than 2 with the exception of piss wat... More >>

Review of The Hogs Head by vintz
Eh yo. The 'ogs Head is one of my favourite pubs in cambridge, with excellently priced beverages and... More >>

Hopeless. - Review of The Hogs Head by Bill Goodman
Food awful, and you probably won't get what you order anyway. Don't, for God's sake try to pay with ... More >>

Hogshead - Review of The Hogs Head by S
A large pube that gets very busy at the weekends and is understaffed. A good place to drop in for th... More >>

Soulless - Review of The Hogs Head by BillNick
Do I need to say more?... More >>

Menu - Review of The Hogs Head by Michael Hayden
We are coming to London and are very interested in the food menu. Can we receive a listing of the m... More >>

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