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The Boat House

address:The Boat House
14 Chesterton Road


01223 460905
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Great location shame about the food. by Tara
The pub is in a good location (and has a small car park), and is a great place to spend the afternoo... More >>

The Boat House by Purple
Looks pretty, the decking is a nice idea, but the pub is spoilt by the staff. Both barely managed a ... More >>

The Boathouse is sinking by S,P.
I had the same problem as Ric, after finding a seat and ordering drinks we were informed that "sorry... More >>

Undecided.... by T
The regulars from the old days dont suit the s****y refurb at all!!! the decor gives off a pretty tr... More >>

Review of The Boat House by Ric
Was not impressed the other day when we discovered, just after having ordered our drinks, that they ... More >>

gigs? - Review of The Boat House by laura
this is a question for a friend, do you do gigs and how can we find out about performing at ur pub??... More >>

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