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The Mill

address:The Mill
14 Mill Lane


01223 357026
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See for yourself ! 2004 by Max
Thank goodness I decided to check out The Mill = Mill Lane, not Mill Road. I can only assume the le... More >>

Enter a stranger, leave as a friend by M Gee
I had heard this pub is under new management, so decided to try it again. What an improvement. Clea... More >>

Rural view from city pub. by Linda Campkin
A Real ale, proper pub for everyones taste. The Mill, Mill Lane takes some beating. There's even a r... More >>

The Mill at 5.30 it is then. by Roger Attrill
It is a lovely day and perfect for an ice cold beer in the sun - where better than The Mill. It's a ... More >>

Rude. - Review of The Mill by Sara Brierly.
Do not on any account, fail to leap up immediatly the surly landlady asks you to at closing time. Yo... More >>

The Mill - Review of The Mill by S
A quiet pub that I would recommend be used for buying a drink to sip on the Green by the river. Dece... More >>

Appalling service at the Mill - Review of The Mill by E
Yesterday evening I ordered a drink at this pub and was very shocked to find that I was asked for I.... More >>

The Mill (review) - Review of The Mill by PD
Certainly one of the best pubs in Cambridge, with a terrific atmosphere most of the time: relaxing d... More >>

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