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Old Orleans

address:Old Orleans
Millers Yard
10-11 Mill Lane


01223 322777
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Reviews of Old Orleans (8 in total)

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Terrible service by Pickle
Despite it being a Saturday night when I visited Old Orleans restaurant with 3 friends, there weren'... More >>

Great! by Kirsty
I found this restaurant extremly pleasent. The food was great and came in excellent sized portions s... More >>

Good for a chain by anon
As chain restaurants go, Old Orleans is probably one of the better ones. The food while being sligh... More >>

Nicki - Review of Old Orleans by Guess
Hello Nicki do you remember having sex with a horse that night of your birthday. ... More >>

Terrible - Review of Old Orleans by Rob
They'll keep you waiting for hours, you need to request to order any food. The food is generally co... More >>

Old Orleans - Review of Old Orleans by S
Restaurant bar that serves cocktails. Not much seating and can get very busy at weekend, but good fo... More >>

Nicki - Review of Old Orleans by Henk
Hello Nicki, here a mail from Holland. Our stay in "your" pub was wunderfull,(remember 6 man from ho... More >>

Adios Amigo - Review of Old Orleans by Jason
I can recommend one of their cocktails, appropriately named 'Adios Amigo'. I haven't tried it myself... More >>

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