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The Slug and Lettuce

address:The Slug and Lettuce
34/35 Green Street


01223 306051
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Reviews of The Slug and Lettuce (7 in total)

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Fab by Alison
We had a great time. Lovely food, great service, lots of talent. Drinks are much cheaper now they do... More >>

Amazing traditional atmosphere!!!!!!! by Maria Dandulous
Well i am a tourist from New Zealand and i was looking for a traditional english experience, and i a... More >>

Best 21st piss-up ever! by Katie Woodcock
I had my 21st birthday there and they sectioned off a section of the pub for me. They put on drinks ... More >>

Gor'jus Waiters great food by Laura
MMMmmmmm Great looking guys great food reasonable price great atsmosphere wish there were more plac... More >>

Fab! by claire
This place is great! Lived in Cambs all my life and this is a favourite of mine! Pricey but good qua... More >>

Cool place by Sara
Great for lunch, really chilled on weekday evenings. Manic on the weekend. Fit bartenders and most i... More >>

nope by dan
expensive. very expensive. Get about two mouthfuls of food for a tenner and it isn't even particular... More >>

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