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Three cheers for the ship.

by Captain Mike Catt - Friday 30th 2004f January 2004

Ahoy there ship mates. 
I be a sailor from pompey down on me luck.Twenty years man and boy I have sailed the fish infested seas on mother earth, never has I clapped me eye on such a wondrous booty as the Ship. Ah the long days I spent riddled with scurvey whining for such a day as I could spend me booty. Now I has finally found a place to dock.  
You can find me resting against the bar with me parrot with me peanuts and pint of ale, ahh what a place to wait for me final voyage to Davys locker where i'll rest with the crabbs and old toothless Jim. 
Well thats all from me, me hearties may the wind fill your sails and the oceans fill ye pockets. 

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