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Home from home and then some.

by DS - Tuesday 20th 2004f April 2004

I used to drink in this pub back in the mid-late 90's and it was always a superb place to just be yourself, look however you want to. Always catered for the more "alternative" characters, goths, punks, folks who just want a traditional vibrant atmosphere with an air of acceptance and friendliness. For the first timer, a weekend night may be a little mind-blowing as it gets busy, loud and smokey. But even with the smoke it is a breath of fresh air in a city where the pubs are becoming pre-night club haunts for the "normal" drink, fight and **** crew. I have started to find myself back there after a 6 year hiatus and it's a place where I feel at home, welcomed. Great friendly staff, good selection of drinks and plenty of tables/stools and chairs. Plus the pool room upstairs is a world of it's very own.  
The locals and regulars are open to new people, there is no locals only vibe and for a city centre pub it has a dedicated number of regulars, most of whom I have gotten to know in the past six months upon my return to this city. On a live football night there are TV's and a big screen - but none of your usual moronic behaviour from the clientel. On a quiet night it is a perfect venue to take a date or have your own little group and find a table.  
I drink in there, but I also drive there in the week and just hang out in a social capacity drinking cokes. Now how many pubs can you do that in and have a great night? 
Did I also add they have the most fantastic looking female barstaff in this city? Not just pretty, but efficient, polite and friendly. 
Juke box is one of the best in this city... 77 punk, new wave, Brit-pop, Metal, Indie and rock from the 60s to present.  
Well worth a visit if you find the majority of Cambridge pubs just a little too impersonal. 

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