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Overrated? Yup.

by Sousbois - Monday 5th 2004f July 2004

This is a good pub, but nothing like the reviews had me expecting. 
The food is old-fashioned, but only in the 70's sense: 'salads' are different vegetables chopped into different sauces, and "You can choose two". No chance of a green salad if you've already opted for two of the coleslaw-like things. 
The service, too, is locked in the past. There was a lot a sighing that we wanted to order food: it was 10 past two, and they'd already started to clear away for the official 2:30 finish, so we were a big nuisance. Similarly, the doors of the pub were firmly closed at 2:30, and we had to leave the garden by a side-alley, past some ripe dustbins. 
And the garden is grim: virtually all grimy paving slabs, and rows of tables far too close together. A tiny, gubby plastic playhouse is obviously the "child friendly" element. 
Again: this is a good pub - to walk with a few mates and sink a few beers. But it ain't anywhere near as the other reviews would have you believe.

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