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Great Thai, Decent pub

by Anonymous - Saturday 28th 2004f August 2004

The Castle has changed hands since the other two reviews, so now it still has the same interior but the audience has changed. 
I've been there a few times lately, most recently yesterday to have the thai food for the first time. The staff there are really friendly. 
I can't speak for the weekday customers, but the weekend customers are now usual on-the-way-to-a-club youngish people, middle aged men arguing with their young girlfriends etc., pretty much what I would expect anywhere up this street. I expect it's a lot quieter during the week, though have never spotted Paddy O Bumgrapes! 
The food was really something - still not up to the Wrestler's par but really worth a look if you like Thai food. For me it wasn't quite as plain as the Wrestler's grub (which is how I like it) so it is possible that you could prefer the food here if your tastes don't coincide with mine. 
"Worth a visit, it ain't as grim as it used to be."

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