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The Grapes, best pub in Cambridge!!

by Rob - Sunday 27th 2003f April 2003

This pub is one of the few places in Cambridge where you'll find students, couples, regulars, indie kids, punks and rockers existing happily together without fear of a nasty atmosphere caused by "townies" and idiots who only go out to start fights. This is due to the landlord whose prescence, while not intrusive in any way, certainly puts off anybody out to make trouble. He's a big lad :-) Don't believe the rumours! Unless you act like an ass you won't have any problems in this warm friendly traditional pub. It makes a nice change to drink well kept beer in individual surroundings rather than flat sour crap in a nasty bland faux wine bar.

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My car broke down outside this pub and the landlord refused to allow me to push my car into his car...

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This place serves the best pub food I've ever come across! The portions are HUGE, the meals are well...

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landlord is not the full ticket stay away at all costs...

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